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About the brand

With over 123 years of expertise & presence in over 100 countries, Borges has been introducing a range of Mediterranean healthy food products ever since it set foot on Indian shores. After having established its supremacy in Olive Oils & Pastas, Borges has been constantly looking at differentiated offerings in the form of Apple Cider Vinegars, Vegan Nut Drinks, Single variety olive oils & many more.

THE Objective

To introduce and launch the first of its kind rice and walnut drink – Borges Natura in India and create a word of mouth throughout the vegan community.

THE Approach

Marketed Borges Natura through a Vegan Outreach activity on Instagram. It helped us reach out to a larger set of vegan community in India organically. Further, in order to ensure a necessary pull during the campaign, an in-house photo shoot was done to create a series of attractive and engaging images.

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THE Result

The newly launched walnut drink became the talk of the Vegan town!


Increase in Fan Base


Increase in Mentions


Increase in Impressions


Increase in Engagements


Vegan Influencers

The vegan community is at a growing stage in India. We contacted some of the well known vegan influencers in the market and gifted them Borges Natura as a small token of appreciation and to help them in their wonderful journey.

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