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Fit On Click is an online marketplace for UAE’s fitness and wellness providers.  It helps users discover fitness, wellness, and sports around them and achieve all their fitness goals easily. It is currently the only fitness-focused platform in the region that provides detailed information like photos, videos, rate cards and user reviews on all fitness related services.


The challenge presented to Iffort was that even though platform was already running for 2 years, their website was outdated and had below-average engagement and conversion rates. The ask was to revamp the website so that the new platform can provide enhanced experience to both partners and customers. Re-building the backend solution was also necessary to provide the robustness & scalability in the longer-run.


The approach that Iffort adopted was straightforward and to the point so that the team could concentrate on solving the root cause of problem. The team did few sessions with their existing partners as well as with their backend team to understand the bottlenecks in detail. The backend was built according to the personas of partners (fitness provider) and FOC team. The backend for FOC team was built in a way that they could manage/moderate/approve all the inputs from the fitness providers.

Iffort re-designed the entire website to make the flow of the user more efficient, allowing them to smoothly navigate through the website. Iffort introduced a global search which acted as an interaction channel between the user and the system.

Fitness Website Design and Development


Iffort adopted a personalized approach that enabled the customer/partner to select a specific need, and have the entire website customize itself to match that need. With this newly launched website the business has been able to generate more leads and there has been increase in online inquiries to buy memberships from different partners.

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