Sunny jindal <span>Co-founder</span> Sunny jindal <span>Co-founder</span>
Sunny jindal Co-founder

Sunny brings in his strong cross-functional experience in the business & technology disciplines. Sunny holds a Masters degree from Northampton University, and his vision helps in the execution of all technology project deliveries at Iffort with process oriented methodology. Sunny has strong penchant for HR/Operations and Analytics and while not at work, he loves to play cricket on weekends.

Daksh Sharma <span>Co-founder</span> Daksh Sharma <span>Co-founder</span>
Daksh Sharma Co-founder

Daksh has been responsible for marketing, business growth and providing strategic and measurable digital solutions to organizations across traditional internet marketing as well as social media marketing. He has spoken at a number of industry forums by IAMAI, TIE, Oracle in India and abroad. He has been an early contributor to websites like and his marketing blog has been rated by Search Engine Journal as the top marketing blogs in India.

Sesh Seshadri <span>Advisory Board</span> Sesh Seshadri <span>Advisory Board</span>
Sesh Seshadri Advisory Board

The Director of Lonely Planet India, Sesh Seshadri is one of the most established names in the publishing industry today. Carving a niche for himself with a career spanning over four decades, he played a vital role in Lonely Planet’s entry into the Indian market with the launch of its series of Travel Guides in 2012.

Amitabh Vira <span>Advisory Board</span> Amitabh Vira <span>Advisory Board</span>
Amitabh Vira Advisory Board

Amitabh founded Netprophets cyberworks in 2000 and Dragonfly education in 2010. His professional tenure began with Lintas India, followed by a career in advertising with leading Indian advertising agencies Leo Burnett, Mumbai and Contract (subsidiary of JWT worldwide). He was one of the early web strategy members of, India's most successful Internet business group.

Kok Sheong Lum <span>Advisory Board</span> Kok Sheong Lum <span>Advisory Board</span>
Kok Sheong Lum Advisory Board

Kok Sheong Lum Is a technology guy at heart and carries more than 15 years of work-experience in core technology and operational processes. In 2010, he founded V Channel Malaysia to empower Malaysian SMEs on digital marketing front.

Weei Han YAP <span>Advisory Board</span> Weei Han YAP <span>Advisory Board</span>
Weei Han YAP Advisory Board

Weei Han YAP, the Director of Business Development and Co-founder at V Channel Malaysia. He has headed the system consultancy and engineering in a multi-national company for nearly ten years and also specializes in the server technology.

Arvind Yadav Arvind Yadav

Arvind Yadav


Tanushree Sinha Tanushree Sinha

Tanushree Sinha


Ashish Upadhyay Ashish Upadhyay

Ashish Upadhyay


Kunal Tanwar Kunal Tanwar

Kunal Tanwar


Amar Mehta Amar Mehta

Amar Mehta


Shubhronil Talukdar Shubhronil Talukdar

Shubhronil Talukdar


Ria Bajaj Ria Bajaj

Ria Bajaj


Gamson Massey Gamson Massey

Gamson Massey


Rachit Sharma Rachit Sharma

Rachit Sharma


Sunny Mehta Sunny Mehta

Sunny Mehta


Nishant Misra Nishant Misra

Nishant Misra


Arun Pandey Arun Pandey

Arun Pandey


Shalini Chawla Shalini Chawla

Shalini Chawla


Nicol Lim Nicol Lim

Nicol Lim


Visakha Thavarajah Visakha Thavarajah

Visakha Thavarajah


Mukesh Mukesh