Performance Marketing Agency

About Us

Being independent, allows us to be more nimble and partner with our clients for long-term relationships. We are a team of 30+ multidisciplinary professionals with competencies and years of experience in the areas of content, design, video and technology.

We love the game of conversions and more so when they are qualified and targeted. Any online branding or marketing communication activity, with no accountability of dollars has a short shelf life and that’s why we combine the best of both worlds i.e. brand marketing & performance marketing. With the RACE framework (Reach, Act, Convert and Engage), we bring in synergy across multi-layered digital marketing activities.

What makes us stand apart is our technology and communication focussed thinking and how we embed into business culture. See our work for One-Commerce, a DIY platform for SMEs in Malaysia which empowers them to go online. While we tailor ourselves according to your needs, we also voice our opinions transparently on what we think works best for you.

Over the years, we’ve heard funny pronunciations of Iffort so

Pronunciation: \ˈi-ff-ort-\ (i as in ‘I’ ffort on the lines of ‘Effort’)

The word Iffort is reminiscent of Effort for pronunciation. The prefix ‘i’ reflects the internal culture of 'Internet‘ & ‘Innovation’.