About the brand

Part of the Max Group, Antara Care at Home was established with the single objective of providing quality healthcare services to seniors in the comfort of their home. With a range of services spanning from nursing care and physiotherapy to quality diagnostics, Antara aims to redefine home healthcare.


The principal objective of the Antara Care at Home performance marketing advertising campaign was to boost sales for their at-home healthcare services.



Competitive Market: The home healthcare sector is saturated with numerous providers, increasing competition for customer attention.

Lack of Awareness: A general lack of knowledge about senior-specific home healthcare services causes potential clients to often overlook specialised offerings.

Deep Discounts: Competitors' heavy discounts pose a challenge for a new, premium brand like Antara Care at Home to penetrate the market.

Brand Recognition: As a relatively new player, Antara had the task of quickly building brand recognition and trust among their target audience.

The campaign adopted a multi-faceted strategy

what we do

High-Intent Targeting: Google Search was used as the primary platform to capitalise on high-intent audiences, with Facebook employed for creating hyper-local awareness.

Campaign Variety: Two types of campaigns ran on Google Search - a Search Campaign to capture users actively searching for at-home healthcare services, and a Call Ads Campaign designed to stimulate phone calls from interested users.

Location-Based Targeting: High-quality lead locations, or areas with historically higher workability rates, were identified and targeted separately to maximise lead quality.

Optimised Call Duration: To further improve workability, the duration to count call conversions was optimised to 120 seconds, instead of the default 60 seconds, ensuring more meaningful engagement.

Utilising Ad Extensions: Various ad extensions were used to enhance engagement - callout extensions to highlight the booking number, and location extensions to display care home locations at a locall level.

Impact On Property Sales


Total Number of conversions





INR 82 Lakh



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