About the brand

Antara Care Homes are specialised residential care services, catering to short-term, long-term, pre & post-operative, and memory care needs. Offering primary health care, emergency response, engagement activities, and nutritious meals, Antara focuses on delivering a homely environment for seniors.


The prime objective was to generate quality enquiries through performance marketing approach, with a particular focus on increasing awareness about post-surgery residential care.



Low awareness and acceptance of the concept of senior care homes in India

Little knowledge about the availability and benefits of pre and post-surgery care outside hospitals

Emotional considerations of caregivers and families often overshadowing practical decision-making

Competitive landscape with lower-cost service providers

Constraints with remarketing on Google due to healthcare-related policies

Strategy and Approach

what we do

Armed with a multi-faceted strategy, Antara utilised Google & Facebook to generate quality leads, with Google serving as the primary platform for new customer acquisition.

Keyword Optimisation on Google: Search ads ran with a mix of branded, competitor, and generic keywords. High-performing keywords identified via CRM data were then used in call ads for lead generation.

Targeted Call Ads: To foster immediate, high-quality enquiries, call ads targeted affluent localities and areas near popular hospitals in Delhi NCR.

Facebook Ad Strategy: Ads were run targeting lookalike audiences of workable leads, with non-workable audiences excluded every seven days. This precision targeting helped Facebook identify and reach the most relevant audience.

Education and Awareness: Influencers and doctors were roped in, and blogs published to educate the public about the benefits and availability of services like Antara Care Homes.

The strategic campaign led to a significant improvement in the lead quality and cost-effectiveness:


Workable leads saw a robust increase of


The cost of workable leads decreased by


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