About the brand

Antara Medcare, a key player in the senior healthcare sector in Delhi NCR, offers an extensive range of medical products and equipment. From wheelchairs, walkers, and orthopedic products, to hospital and recliner beds, they provide products for rent and sale.


The primary focus of Antara Medcare's performance marketing campaign was to drive sales for wheelchairs, walkers, and orthopedic products.


Antara Medcare faced several hurdles as a young brand in a market dominated by neighborhood medical stores and online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart:

Overcoming competition from unorganised markets and marketplaces offering deep discounts.

Establishing brand affinity in a sector where brand loyalty is generally low.

Building brand visibility for Antara Medcare as a new entrant.

Navigating a lengthy conversion cycle due to the absence of an ecommerce site, involving steps from lead generation to in-person product showcasing, and finally, customer purchase.

To overcome these challenges and achieve the primary objective, Iffort developed and implemented a robust,data-driven performance marketing strategy:

what we do

Platform Selection: Google search was chosen for its capacity to reach high intent audiences.

Campaign Structure: Two distinct performance marketing campaigns were launched on Google search, each serving a specific purpose:

  • One campaign was designed to target buyer intent keywords.
  • The second campaign promoted the brand's rental services, targeting rent-specific keywords.

Targeting Approach: The campaign aimed at individuals with a strong interest in Delhi NCR, with decisions driven by consistent lead generation data.

Bid Management: Bids were systematically increased in areas identified through CRM data as leading to the majority of sales.

Use of Ad Extensions: To improve lead quality, specific ad extensions were utilised:

  • Callout Extensions: Only calls over 120 seconds were counted as conversions.
  • Location Extensions: Displayed only serviceable locations.


Antara Medcare's Performance marketing strategic approach led to a significant achievement





Total number of conversions


Through careful planning and strategic execution, Antara Medcare successfully transitioned from a new entrant to a market influencer in the senior healthcare sector.

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