About the brand

Antara is more than a real estate brand as it focuses on senior care and holistic living. Their independent living residences in Dehradun and Noida are tailored to the needs of seniors, with an emphasis on  safety, security, and well-being.


The main objective of the campaign was to drive purchase of the brand's senior living residences in Dehradun and Noida, despite the slowdown caused by the lockdown.

In addition, the campaign aimed to challenge negative stereotypes about eldercare and establish Antara as a reputable provider of senior care services.



When the lockdown was imposed in mid-2021, Antara noticed a sudden drop in the search volume and the user interest. Staying indoors became critical for the well-being of the users and the overall performance of their ongoing campaign was affected.

The sales team couldn’t facilitate site visits to prospective clients as cases were on the rise and even the competitors started bidding higher to acquire the most potential users.

The razor sharp strategy that drove sales of residences and reduced cost per click despite the lockdown

what we do

Iffort approached the challenge with a targeted strategy, using a variety of keyword types and built the audience through remarketing and custom lists.

The advertisements were pushed on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In order to optimise the strategy, Iffort refined the audience based on hyper-local, income, and age parameters, and excluded audiences based on non-workable leads.

We also optimised the bids based on user search behaviour, cost per lead, and click, and used contextual content to improve ad quality score.

Additionally, campaigns were segmented and funnelled to better understand user behaviour, filtering out uninterested users.

Impact On Property Sales


Total Sales Through Digital

INR 27.9 CR

Digital ROI

Approx 56X

Customer engagement/turnout/footfall


Leads captured Antara Noida residences


Leads captured Antara Dehradun residences

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