This is how a website revamp transformed a 22-year-old Real Estate Business

About the brand

Since 1998, ATS Infrastructure Limited, an Indian real estate company, has built housing developments with unique craftsmanship. The company has delivered nearly 2.8 million square meters of residential space, with a dedicated workforce, exceptional in-house construction, security facility, maintenance teams, and unrivaled brand equity.

Modernizing website design while maintaining internal software compatibility.

For a real estate business that’s more than two decades old, it was important to create a new website that balances aesthetics with functionality. The main challenge was to create a website that is both visually appealing and user-friendly, while also meeting the technical requirements for a fully functional backend and seamless user experience.

And finding this balance can be hard, as design choices may impact the website's functionality or usability. Additionally, it was important to ensure compatibility with the company's internal software. The website had to be integrated with the existing systems and technologies, which can be a complex process.

Our Role





Engage Visitors with Visually Stunning and Intuitive Design


Deliver Seamless User Experience on Any Device


Simplify Website Management with a Reliable Backend Infrastructure


Boost Productivity with Internal Software Integration

This is how Iffort created value


Iffort used an agile approach to manage their project. The project had seven stages, and each stage had a specific deliverable that was used to track its success metric. The agile approach allowed Iffort to monitor progress at each stage.

Additionally, the stages were mapped via a timeline tracked by a Gantt chart to ensure a timely delivery of the entire project.

Crucial requirement of backend feasibility for data management was developed with utmost precision.

The testing phase included validation of website integration with organization’s internal softwares for proper data fetching.

Tools Used


Front end

  • Bootstrap | Js
  • HTML | CSS

Server side Language

  • PHP


  • Wordpress


  •  MySQL

Creativity for Creation Award


Iffort won the the Creativity for Creation Award for ATS in the online market segment at the ACEF 11th Global Customer Engagement Forum & Awards.

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