About the brand

A brand with more than 120 years of expertise & presence in over 100 countries, Borges is known for its range of Mediterranean healthy food products. After establishing its supremacy in Olive Oils & Pastas, Borges has constantly been looking at differentiated offerings, including Apple Cider Vinegars, Vegan Nut Drinks, Single Variety Olive Oils & many more.


To introduce and launch the first-of-its-kind rice and walnut drink – Borges Natura in India and create a word of mouth.



In a country that is known to be the largest milk producer and largest consumer of milk & milk products, the main challenge was launching Borges Natura in a new category.

A price sensitive market was the second roadblock to a successful launch.

The product was marketed through a vegan outreach
activity on Instagram, helping the brand reach out organically to the vegan community in India.

what we do

Additionally, Iffort did an in-house photo shoot and created a series of compelling images to ensure a necessary pull during the campaign.

The agency contacted well-known vegan influencers in the market and gifted them the drink as a small token of appreciation and also to help them in their well-being journey.




Increase in fan base


Increase in mentions


Increase in impressions


Increase in engagement

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