About the brand

Cyviz is a global technology provider for comprehensive conference rooms, control rooms and experience centres. The company serves global enterprises and governments with the highest requirements for usability, security and quality, that engages people, encourages collaboration, and accelerates decision-making.


The main objective was to increase lead conversion, build conversion pipelines, improve conversion rates in different regions, and establish and develop new markets.



There were multiple challenges, including a limited audience pool, a premium-priced service, the need to optimise the landing page for different geographical locations, a high cost per conversion, and a long lead conversion cycle.

The goal was to effectively market the premium-priced service to a relevant audience despite variations in preferences across different regions.

Iffort's strategy involved targeting a specific, relevant audience through the use of Google search ads and targeting keywords with high relevancy and low search volume.

what we do

We structured the campaign around keywords related to Cyviz's control room and meeting room solutions, as well as targeting competitors' customers through the creation of a custom audience.

While this strategy was designed to drive acquisition conversions and lead generation in the APAC and ME regions, after the campaign’s success in the pilot phase, the collaboration with the client expanded from the said region to North America and Europe markets.



Increased ROAs

30 x

Reduced average CPL


Increased CTRs


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