Kogo is a GPS enabled device-cum app combo that automatically converts your trips into beautiful travel videos and rich stories.

We successfully developed and launched a one-of-a-kind app that uses the power of AI to combine multimedia elements to tell your travel story, which can be shared instantly on any social network.

Our Work

It’s been talked about.


"Useful companion for travelers."

"The software is what makes the KOGO magic come alive."

How does the App Work


Attach and Start

Attach the Kogo bot to your vehicle and start a trip on the Kogo app by entering the destination and sharing preferences

Start the Trip

The Kogo bot tracks the journey using dedicated GPS and sensors to map the route.

Record the journey

The Kogo app creates AI-enabled multimedia stories of your travels, including route, time, temperature, stops, and pictures/videos of your journey.

Share your story

The stories are then posted on the Kogo smartphone app for followers to see.



#1 Versatile and Long-Lasting

The device can be mounted on a motorcycle, a car's dashboard, or placed inside a backpack, and the batter lasts up to ten days on a single charge.

#2 Get Catchy Auto Generated Captions

Let Kogo's software do the work for you. Simply input your destination, and watch as the software automatically generates fun trip titles, descriptions, captions and trendy hashtags for your social media posts.

#3 Never Miss a Beat

Kogo adds social media posts about missed events on your trip - even if you didn't stop - by automatically creating posts with license-free event images.

#4 Collaborate on trips with other users

With Kogo, you can invite other groups to collaborate on your trip, share your experiences and build a comprehensive travel log.

Kogo is one of the leading road trip platforms powered by AI

and has successfully launched a new generation travel currency. We loved working on the app that empowers travel enthusiasts to connect and share their experiences.

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