About the brand

Medstars is a digital health platform which enables patients in the UK to  search for, compare, and book doctor consultations.


Apart from increasing bookings on the platforms, the objective was to amplify brand awareness.



The healthcare industry holds strict laws around consent and patient information. Hence, team Iffort spent substantial time to understand the limitations and create a solution to overcome the identified challenges.

Every business needs to be Google search-friendly, and Medstars was no different.

what we do

Since a majority of patients use Google to find a credible health practitioner, a scalable SEO strategy was the perfect opportunity for Medstars to reach out to their potential customers.

The implementation of the same included, optimising keywords related to their specialties, linking to other pages on their website, and engaging in activities that increase the number of external links to their website, also known as backlinks.



Increase in Patient Booking by


Increase in Blog Traffic by


Increase in Total Users by


Pushed to the top by


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