About the brand

Established in 1990, Norton is a leading global computer security firm that offers a range of  antivirus and security software for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.


Although Norton’s digital channels, including the brand’s native website, contributed significantly to the brand’s online sales,

the brand wanted to scale its online sales by leveraging Amazon’s massive customer base in India. Building brand awareness was the second main objective.



Norton faced challenges in the Amazon ecosystem due to its late entry compared to other established brands.

These included difficulties in standing out among competing brands with similar portfolios and price points, and higher pricing for its entry-level antivirus compared to competitors.

Another challenge was the easy availability of free products in the antivirus category.

The highly effective strategy that led to an increase in ROAS, CTR, and a decrease in CPC

what we do

Iffort analysed historical data to determine patterns and sweet spots for each campaign type and product, and used tools such as Amazon Pi and Jungle Scout to conduct competitor research and determine advertising Share of Voice, sales, and top category keywords.

Iffort also performed extensive keyword research for each product SKU, considering user behaviour and patterns from historical data.

The selected keywords were placed into broad and phrase match campaigns with low bids, while profitable keywords from past data were put in a separate exact match campaign with high bidding in order to increase ad frequency.



Increase in ROAS on Amazon by


Decrease in CPC by

36% for sponsored product ads

Increase in CTR by for sponsored product ads


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