About the brand

Vested Finance is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor enabling sustainable wealth creation by simplifying US investing for Indians. Their mission is to allow everyone to invest in their favourite global brands in an affordable and hassle-free manner.


The main objective was to increase the app installations and get quality investors.



The challenges faced were multiple, including operating in a crowded market, negative sentiment towards the global stock market, attracting quality investors, scaling efficiently, and limited control over automated app campaigns that resulted in ad wastage.

Iffort's approach involved optimising for customer acquisition by targeting prospects at a lower cost and using remarketing campaigns to drive in-app actions.

what we do

To overcome the limited customisation options available on universal app campaigns, Iffort utilised multiple customer data touchpoints, such as custom and lookalike audiences, to run acquisition campaigns on Facebook.

To ensure that spending was focused on high quality customers, Iffort tracked targeted in-app actions and conducted regular A/B tests to find the best fit at each stage of the funnel.



Reduction in customer acquisition cost


Completion rate of the targeted in-app actions


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