About the Brand

Antara has never been just a real estate brand. It is an amalgamation of many services that provide and encourage the values of holistic living among our most vulnerable population – the seniors. Antara’s individuality lies in its ability to build a thriving retirement community despite knowing that acceptance in the Indian market would be difficult. Antara’s uniqueness lies in its values – a blend of lifestyle, lifecare, hospitality coupled with sound financial thinking. Antara Senior Residences are the best possible option to live an independent life during your silver years. 

About the Brand


The philosophy behind the campaign was to bust prevalent myths around eldercare and reinforce the idea that ageing and a superior quality of life can go hand in hand.

  • Combat the stigma associated with eldercare in India.
  • Position Antara as a credible eldercare service provider


When the lockdown was imposed in mid-2021, Antara noticed a sudden drop in the search volume and the user interest. Staying indoors became critical for the wellbeing of the users. Overall, the performance of the campaign was affected, including an increase in the per-lead-cost for every inquiry received. Since the COVID-19 cases were on the rise, the sales team couldn’t facilitate site visits to prospective clients. However, the competitors had started bidding high to acquire the most potential users. Thus, the cost-per-click and cost-per-lead increased exponentially.

Platform and Targeting Strategy

Platform and Targeting Strategy

  • Types of keywords: Branded, generic and competitors
  • Audience building: Remarketing, custom audience lists such as company, designation, and interest; cohort building; in-marketing/affinity audience
  • Platforms: YouTube, Google display ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Optimisation Strategy

  • Refining audience: Basis hyper-local, income and age parameters; excluding audiences’ basis the non-workable leads
  • Optimizing bid: Basis the user-search behavior, cost per lead and click basis the competitor impression share and lead quality; identifying the appropriate bid by initiating the campaign on maximize conversion, and switching it to Target CPA after the fixed cost-per- conversion is defined.
  • Using contextual content for each funnel to improve ad quality score: Filtering irrelevant users with segmented layering of campaigns; funneling the campaigns to understand the user behavior and filtering out uninterested users.


Impact on property sales – 

Total sales through digital: INR 27.9 crore

Digital ROI – 56x (approximate)

Customer engagement/turnout or footfall


Leads Captured Antara Noida Residences


Leads Captured Antara Dehradun Residences

Social media views/ impressions/ conversations

Brand Total Impressions Total Clicks Average CTR Average CPL
Antara Noida Residences 10,992,409 110,975 1% INR 1,118
Antara Dehradun Residences 40,59,651 67,449 1.66% INR 865

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