About the Brand

Kogo is a community of passionate road-trippers. It is also a device app combo that enables users to minutely track their road trips and effortlessly create multimedia travel stories.

About the Brand


Primary Goal: Creation of a travel log app that sources location via a GPS device.



Seamless integration and storage of a massive amount of data.


We created a key framework for the entire process by following a technique of well synergised and complimenting procedural steps. The complete flow and integration requirements were identified post which, we shortlisted and integrated the required tools and technology that fostered simplification of the entire experience on the user-end.

We followed the consulting approach with the brand where the process was broken down into the following steps:

  • Research
  • Ideating the entire user journey flow & interface
  • Ensuring ease of maintenance on the backend
  • Identifying the roadblocks and its solutions
  • Testing & delivering the app


The following tools/technology solutions and frameworks:

  • Tech Stack – Phonegap
  • Backend- LaravelĀ 
  • Kafka powered by ApacheĀ 
  • Database Monitor – MySQL and MongoDB

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