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About the brand

Medstars is the one-stop platform for people to find certified private health practitioners in the UK from the comfort of their homes. A platform that ensures patients make an informed decision while choosing the right practitioner for them, instead of wasting hours making endless Google searches and reading reviews.


When it comes to digital marketing, the healthcare industry holds strict laws around consent and patient information. While we, the Iffortians deeply understand these difficulties, we helped Medstars you overcome them through creative strategies and interesting solutions.

The objective

To increase patient bookings while increasing brand awareness.



Ironically every business needs to be Google Search-friendly, and Medstars was no different. With the majority of patients turning to Google for their initial research, SEO provided the perfect opportunity for Medstars to reach out to their potential customers. Well, the journey of ranking Medstars to the top was surely an adventurous one, and it didn't happen overnight! How did we reach the top? Watch the video...


We pushed 100+ pages of Medstars to the top of Google search resulting in 400% increase in patient bookings.


Pages pushed To the top


Growth in Blog traffic


Increase in Total users


Increase in Patient bookings

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