About the Brand

Vested Finance is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor enabling sustainable wealth creation by simplifying US investing for Indians. Their mission is to allow everyone to invest in their favorite global brands in an affordable and hassle-free manner.

About the Brand


  • Crowded market
  • Negative sentiments for global stock market
  • Bringing in quality investors
  • Scaling efficiently
  • Lack of control due to automated app campaigns
  • Ad wastage



Optimisation for acquisition

Rather than focusing on in-app actions that were down the funnel (increasing the CAC), the strategy was towards acquiring prospective customers at a lower cost and driving the in-app actions through remarketing campaigns (optimising the spend).


Leveraging multiple customer data touch points

While running a universal app campaign on Google, there are limited customisation options available, which leaves brands with little control. Hence, multiple customer touchpoints were created and used to run acquisition campaigns on Facebook.

  • 75% video viewers
  • Time spent on website
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike audiences, etc.


Deep tracking of targeted in-app actions

While the optimisation happened on the basis of acquisition, deep tracking of targeted in-app actions was used to ensure that spends are made on quality customers.


Creative Personalisation

Regular A/B tests were done at each stage of the funnel basis the cohorts and platforms to find the best fit.


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reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost

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completion rate of the targeted in-app actions

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