In today’s fast-paced world, copywriting has undergone a transformative shift with the introduction of AI-powered technologies. AI copywriting is done via Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) software. With an impressive array of copywriting tools available, the possibilities for enhancing your writing workflow are endless.

In 2024, Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a UI/UX designer, a social media executive, one who wants to write a blog or anyone else in the field of marketing, this collection is designed to equip you with the resources you need to write more effectively and efficiently.

AI copywriting tools are very much useful. But it has its own limitations.

Understand it like this:

Using Excel will not make you a Data expert. But, one thing is for sure that, it will make your life a lot easier.

The same is with the AI copywriting tools

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 27 of the best AI copywriting tools to add to your workflow that will aid in saving you lots of time.

From research aids and grammar checkers to tools for organizing your ideas and automating repetitive tasks, this comprehensive AI copywriting tools list has you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and take your copywriting to the next level!

AI Copywriting Tools Pricing
Click UpFree plan is available for personal use.
Word tuneFree and premium payment plans available
PerplexityCompletely free tool
CopyscapeFree and premium payment plans available
CopywritelyFree trial available
Verbix Completely free tool
Contentshake (app)Free demo version with a paid plan
Jasper AIFree trial up to 7 days and then a paid plain
Copy.aiFree up to 2000 words and then a paid plan
Copysmith7-day free trial
Owlywriter in HootsuiteFree trial for 30 days
WritesonicFree trial with 10k words per month
Hypotenuse AI 7-day free trial and three paid packs
RytrFree plan with 5k characters per month
Closers copyPaid Plan
Anyword7-day free trial
WritecreamFree and paid plan
Smartcopy (Unbounce) Free plan for 40 credits per month.
Adcopy AI Free trial available
BrandbuzzPaid plans
ToolsITStarter pack is free with limititations
LeadscriptsStarter pack is free with limitations
CreativAIFree plan with limited access
Logic BallsFree tool
CopyproPaid plan
Jounce AIFree tool
Best AI copywriting tools with pricing
  • Click Up
    Project management, content planning, productivity, and AI copywriting tools are all part of ClickUp. By streamlining the writing process, assisting you in writing more successfully, and producing interesting AI generated content, ClickUp AI will help you save time.

    Pricing: Free plan is available for personal use. Other payment plans are available according to need and give more access to features. 
  • Word tune
    It enables copywriters to utilize generative AI to optimize their copywriting and quickly and simply identify the best words to convey their message. Simply add your copy in Word tune to receive immediate ideas for improvement based on the most cutting-edge language models.

    Pricing: Free and premium payment plans available. Premium plan is for $9.99/month for unlimited access.
  • Perplexity 
    Perplexity is an AI-driven tool with a chatbot-like user interface. Users can ask queries in normal language and receive well-informed answers from the AI in place of utilizing a search engine. Because of Perplexity, copywriting is significantly more accurate and efficient.

    Pricing: this is a completely free tool
  • Copyscape
    Any content that is produced can be checked for originality and uniqueness with Copyscape. It is a tool that searches any website, blog, or document for instances of plagiarism online. Because of this, copywriters can quickly spot any content that has already been used by another person. Copywriters can be sure that the content they produce is 100 percent original by using Copyscape.

    Pricing :You can use this for free but the premium plan charges a cost per month for upto 10 pages.
  • Copywritely 
    Although Copywritely is a tool for SEO content analysis, it includes a lot of features that are helpful when producing any form of copy. The grammar checker in the Copywritely tool shows your grammatical mistakes while the paraphrasing tool finds problems and assists you in rewriting sentences.

    Pricing: there is a free trial available after which there is a payment plan for $29/month per month which starts from up to 50 pages.
  • Verbix 
    For those of you who create text in many languages, possibly even combining them occasionally, we strongly advise Verbix. No matter what language you use, this tool will assist you in verb conjugation so that your writing is always accurate.

    Pricing: This is a free tool
  • Contentshake (app)
    With the help of the all-inclusive content creation tool ContentShake, you can produce engaging material for your audience. It assists you from inspiration to direct blog publishing, offers personalized content suggestions, uses AI to produce copy, and helps you optimize writing for engagement and rankings.

    Pricing: It offers a free demo version and a paid plan which has some additions and variations 
  • Jasper AI
    With the aid of the AI copywriting tool Jasper, authors may get beyond their writer’s blocks and produce content more quickly. The desired tone of the article can be established by the writer. Jasper may also be used to create AI art that is watermark-free. Use these photos for illustrations, thumbnails, advertisements, and other purposes.

    Pricing: free trial up to 7 days and then a paid plan, i.e. 49$ for a month and 499$ for a month for 5 users.
  • helps you with everything from subject generation to writing social media posts. Additionally, it provides more than 90 free tools for writing copy. Simple writing jobs like creating Instagram captions, rewriting particular paragraphs, creating meta descriptions, and other similar tasks are made easier by

    Pricing: Free up to 2000 words and then a monthly paid plan for unlimited words.
  • Copysmith
    Enterprise and e-commerce marketers can produce, release, and distribute content at scale with the aid of Copysmith. Useable pre-made templates are available. or use the Custom Content Generator to create your own template.

    Pricing: 7-day free trial. Three plans which are all paid, 19$ upto 20k words, 59$ upto 80k words and a customised plan for unlimited words
  • Owlywriter in Hootsuite
    OwlyWriter AI is very helpful while posting on social media. You can Instantly generate captions and get winning post ideas for every network. The tool is free for a limited time to all Hootsuite users.

    Pricing: free trial for 30 days. In the Hootsuite plan, 99$ per month
  • Writesonic 
    A very well-known GPT-3-based AI copywriting program is called Writesonic. Writesonic provides a variety of features in addition to article creation. You may produce a variety of content kinds using Writesonic, such as scripts for YouTube videos, SEO meta descriptions, blog post summaries, and social networking postings.

    Pricing: Free trial where it’s 10k words per month. In paid trial there are three options, 16$ a month for unlimited words and additional benefits, business is 13$ a month for 2,00,000 words, and an enterprise offer too.
  • Hypotenuse AI 
    One of the best AI copywriting tools is Hypotenuse AI. It focuses on three key content categories: product descriptions, blog entries and adverts, and social media posts. It employs NLP and machine learning to generate content.

    Pricing: 7-day free trial and three paid packs – starter, growth, and enterprise
  • Rytr
    Another excellent AI copywriting tool is Rytr. It generates content for more than 25 distinct use cases, including remarkably imaginative ones like song lyrics and stories, using GPT-3 and proprietary AI. Additionally, Rytr provides groups and multi-user collaborations, has a built-in plagiarism detector, and supports a variety of languages.

    Pricing: Free plan with up to 5k characters per month. Saver plan for 9$/month up to 50k characters. 29$/month for unlimited characters.
  • Closers copy
    Due to the excellent quality of its outputs, Closers Copy, which uses its own AI rather than the industry-standard GPT-3/OpenAI, has gained prominence. You can give your own sample data to the AI for more customized, targeted results rather than relying exclusively on templates. That sample data can be saved as a reusable framework as well.

    Pricing: Pricing starts at $29.99 per month and ranges up to $79.99 per month for the most extensive plan. Lifetime deals currently start at $267 and can be broken up into several payments.
  • Anyword
    To forecast a performance score for any type of content, including social posts and articles, Anyword utilizes analytics. There are 200+ data-based copywriting tools and 100+ AI writing tools, including data-driven tools that let you select copy that will appeal to your target audience the most.

    Pricing: 7-day free trial. $24 a month for 20,000 words, go up to $333 a month for unlimited words.
  • Writecream
    A special collection of icebreakers is available from Writecream. Use it to create customized outreach emails, LinkedIn messages, and even audio icebreakers. You can double-check your copy’s integrity right in the Writecream dashboard, so you don’t have to worry about the copied text.

    Pricing: Many tools are free. upgrade to premium features at 29$/month
  • Smartcopy (Unbounce) 
    Smart Copy (formerly known as, a component of Unbounce’s conversion intelligence toolbox, provides more than 45 templates that can be used to compose everything from meta descriptions and social media posts to employee testimonials and brand taglines.
    Use the desktop-based Smart Copy client to access AI copywriting assistance in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Slack.

    Pricing: $15 a month for 200 credits and three projects. free plan for 40 credits per month.
  • Adcopy AI 
    You can produce effective direct-response Facebook ads copy that is designed for clicks, compliance, and conversions with the aid of the AI-powered tool ability to produce compliant and excellent ad copy that encourages clicks and conversions is one of its key benefits.

    Pricing: free trial available, 5 months free trial if taken annually. a monthly plan is 29$/month.
  • Brandbuzz 
    An AI-powered copywriting tool called produces excellent content for a variety of platforms, including social media, websites, and ad headlines.  It also has a user-friendly interface for simple content editing and 2FA account protection. Based on the user’s input, the platform provides a variety of templates and creates engaging text, graphics, and even video titles.

    Pricing: there are monthly and yearly plans. The basic plan starts from 9.990 eur/month, and the premium plan starts from 29.90 eur/month with some features available. For yearly plans, the basic one starts from 99.90 eur/month with additional features like more words, and the premium is 299.90 eur/month.
  • ToolsIT
    An AI-powered application called ToolsIT provides a plethora of options for effective and interesting copywriting. For various sorts of content, such as blog posts, emails, social network postings, and website material, it offers templates and prompts. Working with prebuilt prompts allows users to produce personalized copy for sales outreach and enhance the calibre of their output.

    Pricing: There are three plans for monthly and annual packs. The starter is free, with limited features and templates available. Premium and professional packs start at $15.99 and $29.99 per month, with more features and templates. The yearly premium and professional packs start from $175.99 and $329.99 annually.
  • Leadscripts
    Users can compose blog entries, sales pages, social network postings, and more with the aid of Leadscripts, an AI tool. Users can ask Oscar, an AI helper, to immediately write different sorts of material and produce several copies of it. Additionally, Leadscript offers email templates for campaigns like last-chance emails and abandoned cart series.

    Pricing: 7 day money back guarantee. with every plan, the features increase. there are four plans for yearly and monthly subscription. There is limited access to chatgpt in the starter pack and extensive access to the all-access plus plan.
  • CreativAI
    An AI-powered writing tool called CreativAI assists users in creating content for a variety of platforms, including social media, websites, advertisements, and blog entries. It makes use of cutting-edge technology to help users reach their full creative potential and offers simple, effective ways to get beyond writer’s block. It adapts the material to the user’s unique brand demands and multilingual requirements with flexible and configurable options.

    Pricing: There are monthly and yearly plans available. There is a free plan but with limited access to tools and words. $9/month gives you access to unlimited words, and another plan is just $150 dollars for unlimited access for a lifetime.
  • Jot
    Using OpenAI’s GPT-3, the AI program Jot creates many permutations of ad content from a single product description. With artificial intelligence, it streamlines the copywriting process for the team. Jot’s user-friendly platform makes it simple to create a copy in a matter of seconds. Businesses can spend less time and money on marketing thanks to it.

    Pricing: 7 day free trial. basic plan starts from $9/month with only limited access and pro plan is $29/month with extensive access.
  • Logic Balls
    Discover a seamless all-in-one AI content generation tool designed to simplify content creation with an intuitive interface, effortlessly producing high-quality, engaging material.

    Pricing: It is a free tool
  • Copypro
    Business owners can produce persuasive content that sells using CopyPro, an AI-powered copywriting platform. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is used by CopyPro to create high-quality copy that is customized to the user’s needs. Additionally, it offers tools like an auto-rewrite system, a template library, and insights powered by AI.

    Pricing: There are two packages. One is $59/month for personal use, marketers, and small businesses with a lot of features. Another pack is $50/month, paid annually.
  • Jounce AI
    Jounce is an AI-powered copywriting and art market tool that makes it easier and faster to write effective, professional material while also enhancing quality. It provides a selection of copy options, input prompts, and templates that can be customized. It has over 70 market templates for social media, websites, eCommerce, advertisements, headlines, and campaign tactics, as well as an AI document editor, a dark mode, and limitless team members.

    Pricing: It is a free tool

In conclusion, the introduction of AI-powered technologies has changed the field of copywriting. You no longer need to fight writer’s block or spend hours looking at a blank screen thanks to the wide range of solutions accessible. You can become more powerful and advance your writing with the help of these 27 copywriting tools.

These AI copywriting tools offer a wide range of capabilities to improve your workflow, from idea generation and grammar improvement to thinking organization and automating monotonous chores.

Whether you’re an experienced copywriter or you’re just getting started, adding these AI copywriting tools to your toolbox will enable you to write more effectively and quickly, which will save you time and boost your output.

Want to collaborate and explore business opportunities?

So why wait? Dive in and unlock the full potential of your copywriting skills with these powerful tools at your disposal. Happy writing!

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