Today’s world is dominated by technology, and mobile gadgets have merged seamlessly into our daily lives. Creating apps for the iPhone and iPad has grown in popularity along with the adoption of mobile devices and the iOS operating system. If you’re looking at starting your journey in the world of iOS development, you’ve come to the right starting point, so let’s take a deep dive.

Introduction to Creating iOS Apps

The global mobile ecosystem had revenue of $133bn in 2021 and out of that iOS apps accounted for over 63% of revenue. To put this into perspective, in 2020, users spent approximately 72 billion USD on subscriptions.

Anyone can make iOS apps if they have the necessary equipment and knowledge. Understanding the fundamentals of the iOS platform is the first step in developing an iOS app. This covers the many parts that make up the platform as well as the accessible development tools. You should also become familiar with the preferred development language, such as Swift or Objective-C. After mastering the first step, you can go forward to design and develop your app.

An easy and intuitive user experience i.e. your app’s design is an integral part of the ios app creation process. So, you have to make sure the app runs quickly and effectively and provides an easy user experience. To do this, a well-structured user interface must be developed, and all features and functionalities must be simple to find and utilize. Your app’s aesthetics should also be taken into consideration, so also make sure it appears appealing and professional.

In the end, you should also make sure that your software is iOS-ready. iOS-ready simply means making sure that the program is fully optimized and working without a hitch on all of the iOS versions and different screen sizes.

What You Need to Know Before Creating iOS Apps?

As part of your business objective, you need to have a good understanding of the app market and the competition. You should research the different app categories and the existing apps in the market to get an idea of what is already available and what you need to create, that will be something unique and competitive.

From a numbers standpoint, Apple’s App Store has 3.59 million apps and under a million games. In fact, games account for more than 21% of the Apple App Store Business. This is followed by the business & education categories. While creating your app, unlock your monetization strategies and the features that can help you make your app a success.

Understanding different platforms and development tools available is also vital. This includes being familiar or mindful with various frameworks like UIKit, CoreData, and SpriteKit. Apart from all these frameworks, you should also have some basic knowledge of the various programming tools, such as Xcode, Interface Builder, and CocoaPods.

Finally, you must study and understand the various development methodologies or types and their best practices. This simply means that you should be aware of the various types of testing processes along with their complete development cycles. Furthermore, you should also learn about the different coding standards and directives. One of the main being the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

How to Design an App for iOS with a Great User Experience

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The first step to take while designing your app is to create or develop a prototype. This will help you get an idea of what the app will look like and how seamlessly it will work. Also, it will help you in identifying any potential issues along with making the necessary changes before the actual development process.

Once the prototype is complete, you can then initiate the actual design process. The design process means to start creating the navigation, icons, and user interface for the application. Additionally, you must ensure that the app is responsive on all iOS devices and is adapted for all screen sizes and devices.

Make sure the app is tested after the design phase is finished. To do this, test the app across a variety of platforms, ensure that all the features and functionalities operate as intended, and look for any potential problems. You should also confirm that the app works with the most recent iOS version. You can also hire an iOS app development company for getting more clarification as to how it’s done.

Guide to publishing your iOS App

  • After finishing the development and testing process, the next step is to move on to the publishing process. This includes uploading the application to the App Store with providing all the vital information, such as the app’s description, and screenshots, along with the pricing. Also, as you have developed the app, the next is to create a marketing plan and promote the application, so that users find the app who are looking for it
  • Secondly, you also have to make sure the app is fully optimized for the App Store. Optimized means, all the information about the app is provided in the listing, along with that a compelling description is also created, and high-quality screenshots are provided.
  • The last and final step after following all the above steps is that you need to submit the application for review to the iOS app store. Just make sure and double-cross that all the necessary and supportive information is provided, along with all the documents shared as stated in the app store guidelines. With this, you should also submit all the necessary information about your app’s privacy practices. For more details refer to App store Guidelines
  • After you have submitted all the app information and documents, it can take some time to get approval for the same. Once the app gets the approval, it will automatically start showing and the users will be able to download it from the iOS App Store.


Creating an iOS app can be a complex and daunting process if the business journey isn’t planned from starting and the purpose and roadmap of the application aren’t defined. Before you jump into the app development journey, map your plan, define your budget, and most importantly channel the resources for development as a partner can make or break your dream.

If you are looking for a partner to help you with creating iOS apps, then connect with Iffort, your Digital Technology and Marketing Partners. We have years of experience in developing iOS apps and we can help you create a successful and competitive app for the iOS platform. 

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